Maxicam P (Meloxicam 5mg and paracetamol 150mg/ml)


Each ml contains:

  • Meloxicam…….5 mg
  • Paracetamol…….150 mg
  • Benzyl alcohol…….1% w/v
  • (Preservative)
  • Lignocaine Hydrochloride…….1% w/v
  • (Preservative)
  • Water for injections…….qs

As a supportive to antibiotic therapy in painful and inflammatory conditions of Arthritis, Laminitis & other musculoskeletal disorders ,Surgical cases / Wounds, Diarrhoea / Enteritis in combination with Oral rehydration therapy, Acute Mastitis, Acute Respiratory Infections (Bronchitis, Pneumonia & HS),Uterine Prolapse,Post–operative Pain, Colic, Fever, PUO and other conditions involving , inflammation & pain .

 Dosage & Administration:-

For Intramuscular route only

  • Cattle & Buffaloes : 1 ml per 18 – 25 kg body weight
 Withdrawal Times:-

Milk for human consumption should be taken after 7 days and animal may be slaughtered for human consumption after 28 days from last treatment

PACKING : Vial of 100 ml.