Viatsel WSP

Vitamin E 10%-Feed Supplement fortified with Selenium


Each gm contains,


It treat Crazy Chick Disease, Exudative Diathesis
& Muscular Dystrophy.
To reduce incidence of ascites and sudden death
syndrome in broilers.
To reduce leg weakness syndrome in broiler.
For immunity building & protecting against various
viral disease & Coccidiosis in poultry .
To improve fertility ,hatchability & egg production
layers .
To overcome the stress of de-worming, vaccination
and de-beaking in poultry.
Increase egg production, highly recommended
for layers & breeders.
It is vital for immunity & reproduction in poultry .
Improve weight gain & FCR in poultry.

  • Chicks/Growers/Layers : 5 gm/200 birds through
    water or 150-250 gm/ton of feed
  • Broiler: 5 gm/50 birds through water
  • STORAGE: Store at a cool and dry place.
  • Pack Size: 200 gm