Credophos (Toldimfos sodium 200 mg/ml)


Each ml contains:

  • Toldimfos Sodium ….200 mg.

Credophos injection is indicated as a tonic in general metabolic disorders,debility,exhaustion,repeated breeding and infertility caused by phosphorus deficiency .By supplying phosphorus in the required amounts, Credophos supports the formation of important phosphorus based molecule like phosphates, nucleic acids, phosphatides and plays a vital role in motor activity. Phoaphrous supplied in abundance through Credophos, ensures the functioning of striated muscles during prolonged and heavy work.

Credophos acts not only on skeletal muscle, but also stimulate smooth muscle(e.g. of uterus, urinary bladder) and has a tonic action on the myocardium (heart muscle). Credophos is also indicated in disorders of bone formation as in rickets and osteomalacia, since bones must contain phosphorus and calcium,which have inter-dependent metabolisms. Credophos in combination with Calcium and vitamin D, is indicated to promote callus formation in fractures.

Treatment of tetany and paresis resulting from calcium, magnesium and phosphorus imbalance as in milk fever, are also indications for Credophos. Credophos can also be administered for effective prevention and treatment of disease associated with parturition and purpueral tetany in cows leaky teats, metabolic liver, disorders, anoestrus,non-specific endometritis etc.

 Dosage & Administration:-

In Acute conditions :

  • Large Animals : 5 to 15 ml depending on size and species.
  • Small Animals : 1 to 3 ml.
  • One-half of the dose should be given by i.v. route,and the other half by subcutaneous or intramuscular injection, divided over several sites. Injections should be repeated at short intervals until there is evidence of improvement.

In Chronic Conditions :

  • Large Animals : 2.5 to 5 ml.
  • Small Animals : 1 to 2 ml.
  • In chronic conditions,5 ml to 15 ml subcutaneous or intramuscular injections may be given on alternative days.

PACKING : Vial of 30 ml.