Dimizox 2.36 (Diminazene Diaceturate 1.05 gm and Antipyrine )


Each 2.36 gm sachet contains :

  • Diminazene Diaceturate BPV…….1.05 gm.
  • Excipients(Phenazone) BP……..1.31 gm
  • Treatment and prevention of protozoan diseases in cattle, sheep, goats, horses and dogs.
  • Trypanosomosis caused by Trypanosoma congolense, T. vivax, T. brucei, T. evansi and T.equiperdum.
  • Piroplasmosis caused by Babesia bovis, B. bigemina, B. ovis, B. motasi, B. divergens, B. caballi,B. equi, B. gibsoni and B. canis Theileriosis caused by Theileria annulata.
 Dosage & Administration:-

For intramuscular administration:

  • General dose is 3.5 mg/Kg body weight.
  • Dissolve the content of one sachet (2.36 gm granules) into 15 ml of sterile distilled water to produce 7% aqueous solution. Inject 0.5 ml per 10 Kg body weight. (Each sachet is sufficient for 300 Kg of body weight).
 Withdrawal Times:-

For intramuscular administration:

  • For Meat : 21 Days
  • For Milk : 3 Days

PACKING : Sachet of 2.36.